15 Awesome Cryptocurrency Blogs to Follow in 2018. Graded and Ranked

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When we only started messing with crypto, it was a different time. The whole industry was far more secretive, mysterious and overall unknown. We didn’t have crypto evangelists, crypto businessmen or cryptanalysts to tell us what was going on. We had only bitcointalk.org where we zealously read Satoshi’s rare posts, and that was it.

Things have changed since then. There are thousands of media outlets that claim to know what is happening to crypto and what will happen to it soon. Everyone is an analyst or reposting the musings of one—without any care that a dozen other websites are doing the same. In order not to drown in that sea of noise, you need to curate your Bitcoin news sources.

Here at Bonpay we have created a shortlist of 15 blogs that we use to follow the bright minds of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some of them get updates hardly twice a year (Nick Szabo), but those posts shock the audience for many more months.

What’s the reason for one more list

You can google for “best crypto blogs” and get carefully curated lists such as:

We have found 2 main disadvantages of these lists:

  1. If you skim through these lists, you will find that they consist of news outlets which mainly syndicate the same news almost simultaneously. They are not blogs in the natural understanding of what blog is.
  2. These “blogs” publish a hundred articles every week which makes following them quite hard — you first have to go through all titles to find what you want to read.

For those who are tired of scrolling endless columns of news that all look the same and don’t seem exciting anymore, we offer 15 excellent, genuinely compelling cryptocurrency blogs that will show you how many things you don’t know about cryptocurrency and inspire you to learn even more.

We are not omniscient. If you know a fantastic and trustworthy blog that is for whatever reason not included in the list — please, follow the link to let us know. Most likely, we do not know about it yet and will be very grateful.

Bonpay’s Top 15 Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2018

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1. Hackernoon

Blog type: multi-author

Established: by David Smooke

Average number of posts per month: 210

Average post size: 600 words (6 min read)

Why you should read it: Hackernoon team chooses the best articles about cryptocurrency and brings it to you. It’s a blog network that has 20 000 contributing writers. Here you can encounter not only articles that have gone viral, but also insightful texts written by beginners, who write wonderful stories but don’t have their audience yet. One of the best cryptocurrency blogs ever.

Our favourite post: Bitcoin Futures: Good for Cryptocurrency or for Wall Street Traders?—insightful review in Bitcoin futures that dragged much attention in December 2017. Some experts insisted it is a new peak for cryptocurrency and shows that it is recognized on official levels, some were more pessimistic and predicted that wolves from the Wall Street would get as much profit as they can and quickly quit the market, crashing the prices. Who turned out to be right?

#2 Daniel Jeffries

Blog type: multi-author

Established: 2016 by Daniel Jeffries

Average posts per month: 3-5

Average post size: 4000-6000 words (30-40 min read, but it’s worth it)

Why you should read it: this Medium blog is a treasure for everyone who is ready to hear an original point of view on tech-related topics. Daniel’s blog posts are written in such a witty and creative way, that you can’t help reading them to the end (and they sometimes look more like small novels than articles). He talks about top things from his mind-blowing perspective. Posts are rather long, so it’s perfect to read them with a cup of coffee, just enjoying the high-class content.

Our favourite  post: Why Everyone Missed the Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years. You will never guess what Daniel talks about in the article. Hovewer, when you see it, you will wonder why you haven’t understood the importance of this thing before.

#3 Jimmy Song

Blog type: single author

Established: 2017 by Jimmy Song

Average posts per month: 3

Average post size: 2000-2500 words (10-15 min read)

Why you should read it: usually it’s easier for a developer to develop than to explain how something works. Hovewer, an experienced Bitcoin educator and developer Jimmy Song is an exception—he has the talent to explain complicated things simply. He speculates about things only tech-savvy people worry about (like atomic swaps of Litecoin) and practical problems of Bitcoin development and smart contracts.  

Our favourite  post: Mining Centralization Scenarios, in which Jimmy explains why boogie man of all crypto users is not likely to last long.

#4 Coin and Crypto

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2017

Average number of posts per month: 3

Average post size: 1000 words (9 min read)

Why you should read it: one of the Medium blogs that you definitely can’t miss. Insightful stories, fact-checked information and easily-understandable way of explanation. Provides much information about the newest and trending altcoins. The only drawback is rare publications—but the content is worth waiting.

Our favourite post: Secrets to survival: 19 pros share their advice on crypto trading—a compilation of best advice on trading from professionals. You can avoid typical mistakes and save nerves (and money) if you listen to these tips.

#5 Unenumerated

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2005 by Nick Szabo

Average posts per month: infrequently

Average post size: 5000 words (30 min read)

Why you should read it: The blog by a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and cryptocurrency. Many people still think Nick Szabo is Nakamoto himself. As Nick seldom posts new updates, we recommend reading his publications on Nakamoto Institute and Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam.

Our favourite  post: Money, blockchains, and social scalability — A in-depth investigation into the root of money, how blockchain influences the future of money. Scalability isn’t an option it is the limitation which has to be solved.

#6 Jameson Lopp Blog

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2014 by Jameson Lopp

Average posts per month: infrequently

Average post size: 3000 (15 min read)

Why you should read it: Jameson is the influential person in blockchain world. He is the developer first and writes lengthy technical articles to communicate information and opinions he has gathered while building crypto asset infrastructure. This makes his writings not only fascinating but sometimes revelatory.

Our favourite  post: Securing Your Financial Sovereignty — the attempt to persuade people installing full bitcoin nodes, as they support freedom and support the best privacy and security.

#7 Brian Armstrong Blog

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2015 by Brian Armstrong

Average posts per month: 2

Average post size: 1500 words

Why you should read it: Brian is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. He writes about all the stuff Coinbase from his perspective which cannot be less exciting read.

Our favourite  post: How we make decisions at Coinbase — Brian shares a framework they’ve developed at Coinbase that helps them make decisions more effectively. We found it useful to know more about the private kitchen of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

#8 Off the Chain

Blog type: multi-author

Established: 2018

Average posts per month: 30

Average post size: 700 words (5 min read)

Why you should read it: Off The Chain is not the fabulous blog you would go for to read some article. It is mainly the email newsletter about the top crypto news delivered every morning. The authors publish the letter next day, so you can visit the website and read it. We recommend it for to those, who don’t want to open 20 tabs with top news websites, but skim through one article and get all the cream.

Our favourite  post:

#9 The Cryptocurrency Investor

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2017 by Ari Paul

Average posts per month: infrequently

Average post size: 1000 words (10 min read)

Why you should read it: Ari Paul, CIO of cryptocurrency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, started his blog to share the knowledge. His twitter is an excellent one to follow, through the blog is a good place to read.

Our favourite  post: Early stage valuations fall to earth — is a close to technical analysis of ICO market of 2017 which transforms into the 3 best piece of advice for ICO project: 1)  be realistic about the market, 2) think about what you need, 3) love your investors.

#10 CryptoCurrency Facts

Blog type: multi-author

Established: 2015 by Tom DeMichelle

Average number of posts per month: 20

Average post size: 600-1000 words (7 min read)

Why you should read it: the interface may not be very promising, but the content is indeed worth the attention. On the main page, you can see the list of all themes the blog covers, and it’s impressive: from cryptocurrency basics to rules and regulations. There are categories for different coins, so you can search for the cryptocurrency you want to read about and get comprehensive articles explaining all possible issues regarding it. Cryptocurrency Facts blog is like a colossal crypto encyclopedia.

Our favourite post: 5 Tips for New Crypto Traders—great guide with specific advice on how to start trading cryptocurrency.

#11 Coin Center

Blog type: multi-author

Established: 2014 by

Average posts per month: 4

Average post size: 500 words (5 min read)

Why you should read it:  Coin Center is a non-profit research and advocacy organization focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies. They publish policy researches from academics and experts and advocate for sound public policy. Thus, if you care about regulations of cryptocurrencies, you’d instead follow their updates.

Our favourite  post: Six principles governments around the world should heed when considering blockchain regulation — A simple guide for any government on how to work with blockchain and to avoid blurred expressions and formulations. We think that if regulators follow them, we would have much less pain in working with cryptocurrencies.

#12 CoinSpectator Blog

Blog type: multi-author

Established: 2013

Average number of posts per month: 10

Average post size: 400 (4 min read)

Why you should read it: CoinSpectator Blog is one of the first cryptocurrency-dedicated media and has a great team of experienced journalists. They started as a small news outlet but now focus on highlighting dominant cryptocurrency and blockchain issues. This blog is not only about how to make money trading coins, like many others, but it also tries to explain that there is much more behind blockchain and cryptocurrency than we got used to thinking.

Our favourite post: Can blockchain change the art world? Andy Warhol auction might just do that—articles highlights blockchain as a readymade solution for the fraud problem in the art industry. One more example of blockchain use case.

#13 Blockchain Unleashed

Blog type: multi-author

Established: IBM (Tiffany Winman and Sarah Dudley)

Average number of posts per month: 25

Average post size: 1500 words (15 min read)

Why you should read it: this blog by IBM is dedicated to the blockchain. We hear about the potential of this technology a lot, but don’t fully understand how it works and what the real use cases are. Blockchain Unleashed is a vast knowledge base for everyone interested in blockchain technology.

Our favourite post: Blockchain explained: Why it’s not just about Bitcoin—the article seems evident and annoying, but surprisingly even some advanced users think that the only purpose of Blockchain existence is to support Bitcoin.

#14 AVC

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2003 by Fred Wilson

Average posts per month: 30

Average post size: 300 words (3 min read)

Why you should read it: Fred Wilson is a businessman, venture capitalist, and blogger. We recommend following his AVC blog, where he publishes one post every day, usually on a topic related to venture capital entrepreneurship or the internet. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not rare guests here too, but we often check the categories: blockchain and crypto.

Our favourite  post:

#15 Vitalik Buterin’s website

Blog type: single-author

Established: 2017 by Vitalik Buterin

Average posts per month: infrequently

Average post size: 4000 words (20 min read)

Why you should read it: Vitalik Buterin is well-known as an Ethereum creator and less people know that he writes his blog. We recommend following his blog, as well as the Ethereum blog. Vitalik mainly writes about the things he cares about: cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Our favourite  post: Analyzing Token Sale Models—a longread where Vitalik Buterin compares and contrasts various projects token sale mechanisms and models. Read the text if you want to learn more about the ICOs.

Vote for the best blog

Now it’s your turn to rank the list to your preferences. Vote for the best blog.

Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword recently, but it’s still a bit geeky and not realized by many people. Also providing them with reliable, understandable information is a time-tested way to bring crypto to the masses. We offered you 15 insightful cryptocurrency blogs that are focused on creating a reliable content, not just drive traffic to their site by posting last-minute news.


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rohit aggarwal
rohit aggarwal

thanks bonpay.com for the information

buy bitcoin
buy bitcoin

thanks..! your blog list is so much helpful for me. i gathered so many information by your blog list. bitcoin is the future to invest n trade with.


Thanks for the list! I’m already following three of those, but I’ve never even heard of some of the others… I’ll make sure to check them out right away! Daniel Jeffries’ blog looks particularly up my alley.

Satoshi's Teacher
Satoshi's Teacher

Wow, I bet it was hard to find the real blogs as there are only lists of top news websites appear everywhere. Good job with your research.
Looks like Medium is the most comfortable place to run your blog according to your article, might be because readers can quickly switch between different authors without even leaving a website.


Thanks, absolutely going to check some of these blogs out!

Amanda Chua
Amanda Chua

Really informative and amazing blogs. It will really help me to choose the right choice.

Chain of Blocks
Chain of Blocks

Really well-done article! Extremely thorough and helpful in highlighting some great Crypto Blogs. My 1 issue is, I don’t see how it is possible to follow this many blogs on any one topic. Here you will find a concise list of 3 Lesser Known Blogs that do amazing work. Keep up the good work! And always looks forward to your next post. [THE LINK IS REMOVED BY THE ADMIN]

Blue Trading Reviews
Blue Trading Reviews

I follow Brian Armstrong on medium and his ideas are awesome. Thank you for this wonderful collection, will definitely try others as well.


That is an extremely smart written article.
Thank you very much – this is exactly what I was looking for.
Good motivational advice, just what i need.Thanks

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