2018-05-30 — Do not miss Bonpay AMA on Reddit!

 In About Bonpay

Bonpay is doing an AMA (AskMeAnything) session on Reddit where everyone can ask us any questions they want — and get honest answers straight from the source.

Who will participate in the AMA

Bonpay CEO Alex Blazhevych (u/AlexBlazhevych on Reddit) will be hosting the AMA. Other Bonpay Team members might join the AMA to answer the questions that are related to their areas of expertise.

Bonpay AMA guidelines

We will hold our AMA in our subreddit (/r/Bonpay) on May 30-31 from 11 AM through 3 PM UTC+0 every day. All questions should be posted as replies to the original post.

  1. Please, be respectful to other participants and their questions.
  2. No abusive or harassing comments are allowed.
  3. Repeatedly asking the same question violates the rules of AMA.
  4. Any questions posted in their own threads will not be included in the AMA.

Do not hesitate. Want to know when cards will be issued? Or what is the team working on currently? Ask anything you want during AMA session.

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