Bitcoin This Week Newsletter Launch

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Do you know what is happening with Bitcoin?

And, most importantly… Do you want to know?

It has long been our aim to create a Bonpay newsletter. We have had a form to subscribe on our website for nearly a year now. While the email list was growing and growing, we were struggling with ideas to create valuable email content.

We know that people usually receive many emails and just didn’t want to add some noise.

Nevertheless, we are launching a Bitcoin This Week newsletter.

We want to bring you the information you can use, not just the gossips and predictions.

What’s in the newsletter

The email format will allow us to approach concepts that do not fit our blog or posts on social media. This will include 2 main blocks:

  1. The deep in the root review of recent news which had an impact on the bitcoin price;
  2. The technical analysis block submitted by Bonpay trading experts.

We hope these curated blocks will give you inside access to what we have been researching, building and thinking.

We believe your inbox will benefit from receiving the newsletter and ask you to subscribe here.

That’s actually the whole idea — to let you make your own predictions using the most curious happenings from the last week.

We are thrilled to evaluate how our readers are going to engage with the content. Thus, we appreciate any feedback and will seek to improve with each issue.
Feel free to subscribe.

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