Bonpay Monthly Update #4: 2018-07-02

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Hundreds of things happened at Bonpay this month. From the outside, it may seem that we are quiet and stuck, as in a swamp. Bound by contracts, NDAs, duties and the desire to be open and sincere with users, we gather information that can be publicly shared to send out these monthly updates.


The team completed the first part of a restructuring of servers to improve the security of data storage and processing. These works are done following the requirements of PCI DSS.

Completed a new functionality development, proceeded to the testing stage and following functionality release.

Implemented a new form of consent with updated Privacy Policy in the client area in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

Improved an outgoing transfer confirmation process. Every outgoing transfer now requires a second-step confirmation by email.

Product development and Marketing


The team worked closely with the Legal department to bring BON back on Cryptopia. As you probably know, Cryptopia decided to return BON to the exchange.

Concerning the listing BON on the big exchange, we can say that the solution is not far off. We started cooperating with the exchange, which will please everyone. TBA.


Thinking about the needs of our audience, we decided to launch a newsletter. At Bitcoin This Week we send weekly updates on the state of bitcoin and reasons for all the changes it goes by.

We started implementing a referral/affiliate program for those who want to make money promoting Bonpay. Pretty soon you will be able to get a referral link and get people to know about the Bonpay. TBA.

The marketing team has undergone significant structural changes to meet the requirements of the market and the sphere.


The team developed and implemented The Processing Agreement for contracts that involve the processing of personal data by the GDPR. To finalize the GDPR compliance, we hired a Data protection officer and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Hitting dates is important. Shipping is important. Getting stuff done is important. But you just have to wait until the team gets everything done.

Thank you for your support and trust!

The Bonpay Team

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