Bonpay Monthly Update #5: 2018-08-02

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Good things can’t be done in a second.

To build a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional money, we have to plan for many years ahead, overcome many barriers, work every single day, and most importantly, have patience.

We do not want to be misleading, but we want to be honest and transparent, as far as other duties, laws and restrictions allow us.

A note of gratitude

It is impossible to describe how your trust helps us to work. Every time we encounter a seemingly unbearable problem, we think about the community of the Bonpay supporters and find inspiration in you. We are glad that we can create a service for you. Thank you!

Now we want to share with you news about the past month.

Tasks and accomplishments in July

The most significant update is the development of the bitcoin buy/sell functionality. We completed the pre-release testing, and now it is close to the release stage. This means the feature will appear in your online wallet. There are a few steps left to go live.

Due to constant news about hacks and funds theft, we put security to the top priority list. Legal and development departments worked close to improve the security of data storage and data processing as a part of works done for following the compliance requirements of PCI DSS.

We are working in full swing with a partner to issue cards. We would be happy to announce every single detail of this exciting process, though that is not possible due to a non-disclosure agreement until the moment when we go live.

We are breathing down cards neck.

Thank you for your support and trust!
The Bonpay Team

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