How to Use Bonpay

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Bitcoin may seem complicated to the newcomers — but with Bonpay it is easier to use than ever. Bonpay guides you through your entire Bitcoin journey — helping you to buy, store, transfer and cash in your cryptocurrency with a single mouse click.

How to buy Bitcoin with Bonpay Wallet

As “How to buy Bitcoin safely” shows, the best way to get some crypto is from your online wallet provider. For example, Bonpay Wallet.

  1. Log into Your Account;
  2. Click Buy Bitcoin;
  3. Select USD bank transfer;
  4. Select the amount of money you’ll wire to Bonpay;
  5. Confirm that you agree with Bonpay TOC;
  6. Write down the Bonpay account details;
  7. Click Confirm order.

Once you sent the amount of money you listed on step 4 and send it to the account from step 7, we will add the money to your Bonpay Wallet. From that point on, you have 30 days to convert it to BTC with a single click. We do it so that you could use the exchange rate you are the most comfortable with.

How to transfer Bitcoin with Bonpay Wallet

Bitcoin is more than just a security investment — it is also a complete currency that allows you to pay for goods and services online.

Now you need to send your Bitcoin to that address with Bonpay.

  1. Log into Your Account;
  2. Click Transfer;
  3. Click “To another wallet”;
  4. Select a wallet;
  5. Enter the recipient’s address;
  6. Enter the amount of BTC you want to send;
  7. Click Next;
  8. Review the transaction;
  9. Click Next.

Once you are done, go back to the store and click I have paid.

It generally takes up to 20 minutes for a BTC transaction to arrive. If it takes too long, check the transaction status and write to Bonpay Support.

Why use Bitcoin at all

A lot of Bitcoin owners are holders (or “HODLers”). This means that they use Bitcoin only as an investment in their future and do not use for day-to-day payments. Mostly, because paying with Bitcoin is kind of horribly implemented for now. We are working on it at Bonpay, but for now — it’s not as easy as paying with cash or VISA.

However, Bitcoin has other advantages over cash and digital money. Here are the reasons to pay with Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin has no borders. Waiting 10 minutes to pay for your coffee sucks. Waiting 10 minutes to transfer money to your family abroad is miraculous since usually international transactions take days. And with Bitcoin, you can transfer money all over the world in a matter of minutes.
  • Bitcoin is transparent. Bitcoin records all transactions in the secure ledger held on every device that has a Bitcoin wallet. With it, you can easily check your transaction and see where exactly is your money going.
  • Bitcoin is secure. As long as you keep your private key safe, nobody can access your Bitcoin. And that’s pretty easy to do if you use Bitcoin wallets or vaults.

Also, using Bitcoin increases its adoption and, therefore, price. So even when you are spending your crypto, you make the rest of your savings more valuable.

Using Bitcoin in everyday life is easy — and Bonpay makes it even easier. With Bonpay Wallet and Bonpay Cards, you can become a part of the crypto community without sacrificing the convenience of the fiat money. It is truly the best of both worlds.