Bonpay Monthly Update #6: 2018-09-03

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We like to be simple.

It’s easy to create a complex product, but it’s difficult to remain simple.

This post is a simple report of what we accomplished in August with a side note: we are trying to change the way people use finance. This goal sometimes seems too ambitious and impracticable for a little startup, but unbelievable goals motivate us to work harder.

August was the decisive month for building a simple platform for the complex future.

Major things we did

Besides working on cards in EU, our team is now working on making an excellent wallet. While the partnership on issuing cards is on the way, the development team completed building and testing a feature of the selling and buying Bitcoins via bank transfers. It will soon appear in the online wallet for all verified users. Keep an eye on our updates.


We improved the process of loading, storing and viewing customers’ verification documents. Now the rules comply with the PCI DSS standards, which will allow us to obtain certification of our structure.

We have completely updated the customer verification section in the FAQ. For convenience, we created separate articles on the requirements for documents and described how to take photos.

Look at our first in-house Bonpay Visionaries video with the CEO of the company. Soon we will talk with the head of marketing.

Thank you for your support and trust!
The Bonpay Team

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