6 Tips To Better Track Your Crypto Investments

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Doesn’t matter if you have invested a little in Bitcoin, or have a gazillion altcoins in the portfolio—you need convenient methods to track them. Rates, news, changes—every point is crucial. Even tracking Bitcoin price is quite a problematic venture, as it changes faster than you blink. Few simple steps will help you to organize the process of “keeping up” without spending hours reading endless articles or checking rates every fifteen minutes:

1. Set up Google alerts

In cryptoworld, where everything changes every minute, it’s important to always stay tuned. Google Alerts help you to avoid being tied to the computer or smartphone in fear of missing the news. It is an Internet monitoring tool that informs you every time specific keyword that you have chosen is mentioned somewhere. You can set up to 1,000 Alerts per e-mail. If you choose, for example, “Bitcoin price”, you will get the latest updates about rate fluctuations.

To set up this tool go to Google Alerts.


Enter a topic you want to follow into the box in the top.


Click “Show options” to change the settings.

tradeChoose the frequency of getting notifications, the types of sites to see, language, part of the world to get results from, number of results to see and accounts to which alerts will be sent. We recommend getting alerts once a day to avoid clogging up your inbox. After you have chosen necessary options, click “Create Alert”.

The great feature of this tool is that you hear the conversations you would never hear if you visit the sites that you usually use. It helps you to roll off the track of search you got used to—and hear what people are really talking about. Google Alerts give a possibility to eavesdrop conversations, where you can find a lot of interesting things.

Many companies use so-called “ego-googling”, tracking themselves. It helps to detect mentions of the project, informing about the latest rumors and people’s opinions, that are expressed on forums.

2. Follow social media

Cryptocurrency, born and used online, were shaped by social media. You can more and more frequently encounter the word “cryptocurrency” on the TV and in the newspapers, but social media still is the main source of information. The presence there is necessary to know what is going on in the market.

Follow every page that may give you information about crypto you are interested in. Every serious project has pages on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Reddit, Telegram, where they publish the latest updates. News and announcements appear in the media outlets, but the most valuable insights you can find on the influencers’ pages. If you don’t want your main profiles to be littered with news about bitcoin, exchanges and regulations, create accounts specifically for keeping up with crypto there.

Social media you definitely have to follow:

  • Facebook. Groups are a great source of information and opinions, while Facebook pages of companies provide official announcements and updates.
  • Twitter. Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver and many other crypto gurus share news and opinions on their Twitter accounts, and you have the chance to hear them directly, without interpretations. Following the hashtags helps to track the latest trends.
  • Reddit. Here you can find threads of discussion on any possible topic. It’s full of helpful advice, but remember that not every opinion is worth to be listened to. The site is composed of sub-communities, called subreddits, where a specific topic is discussed. Reddit members try to submit high-quality content, so it would be voted up by other redditors.
  • Telegram. Telegram chats of projects usually have vivid communication between members. Simple design and possibility to join quickly to the chatting from smartphone make this app convenient to keep up with the updates.
  • Forums. The essential part of keeping up with cryptocurrencies. At the dawn of Bitcoin, forums like Bitcointalk were the place where all crypto enthusiasts shared their opinions. As crypto became mainstream, official media, books, conferences were created, but forums are still a main source of fresh information and contradicting opinions, that all, in summary, helps to see the overall picture of cryptoworld. Sometimes forum users can explain what is really going on better than reliable media.

Social media allows people from all over the globe to cooperate. Its influence on cryptomarket is huge, as it is a driving force of cryptocurrency spread and growth. News about some exchange getting hacked can cause the Bitcoin drop, and some business influencer comment about promising future of crypto results in rates’ rise. Keeping abreast of latest news will help you to understand what to expect from tomorrow charts.

Although social media is a great source of information, don’t believe everything you learn there. You have to dig through the noise of biased opinions and unconfirmed guesses to find the valuable truth.

3. Utilize Google Search tools

Use the tools in Google Search to see the last-hour results of cryptocurrency you are interested in. This option provides you with the latest news, narrowing search—you can track the content added recently.

To use this tool do a search on Google, click “Tools” below the search box, and choose “past hour”.


It’s a handy tool when news or even rumors are coming, and you need to know the latest update. For example, when some exchange was hacked, and details come literally every minute, this function helps to keep abreast of events.

4. Check coinmarketcap.com

Coinmarketcap.com is an online tracker of Bitcoin and altcoins exchange rates.


It shows not only current rate, market capitalization, coins in circulation and trading volume, but also historical price data and charts. Graphs allow to gain a quick understanding of price fluctuations. You can see the coins that showed the biggest rise and fall in the latest hour, day, week. Simple design and updated information made it even more popular than Wall Street Journal. A handy tool, perfect for keeping up with coins you know and finding new ones.

5. Use news apps

Use services that sum up most important week news for you and deliver it to an e-mail or smartphone. It may be RSS feed (Feedly, for example) or an app like SmartNews. Usually, such services deliver only headlines of news and, if you are interested, you can click and read the whole article. One of the merits of such apps is customization, which allows you to choose your area of interest. It’s a great time-saving tool, as in often headline is enough to understand what’s going on.

6. Pin your tabs

Pin all tabs you use every day to monitor your crypto investments: exchanges, news outlets, forum pages. Your favorite sites are now opened with just a click plus they can’t be closed accidentally. While surfing the Internet, users usually end up opening dozens of tabs, completely losing track of what they were looking for. Having news outlets, exchanges or any more source you use often pinned will remind you to check them. By having all the necessary sites pinned you won’t forget to visit any of them plus they are easily accessible.

How to keep up and calm in the crypto?

Active crypto users suffer from TMI (Too Much Information) syndrome. The volume of media circulating in our day-to-day life is bigger than ever. Information getting updated every minute, untrustful sources publishing FUD-provoking news, enormous numbers of contradicting opinions expressed freely makes it difficult to stay calm. With all this noise it’s difficult to decide what’s really important. It takes a lot of willpower and self-organization skills to withstand such tension.

Keeping up with news can end up a full-time job. To avoid this, try above-mentioned steps. They make the intake of information more passive. You don’t have to seek out for news and updates, and it saves your time. But passive information doesn’t mean just scrolling the articles sent to you—analyzing them is the key. It’s impossible to read all the published news, but it’s possible to understand the market trends analyzing few of them. Always fact-check everything you hear or read. Be a filter, not a sponge.

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