How to get a Bitcoin address with Bonpay Wallet?

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A Bitcoin address is the key point of the blockchain ledger. It allows to transfer Bitcoins safely and anonymously. There were other methods of sending Bitcoin — i.e. via an IP address — but they are deprecated and not supported by the current systems.

What is a Bitcoin Address

A Bitcoin wallet address is a string of 26-35 characters that represent a one-time gateway for Bitcoin payments. Think of it as a one-time email address for your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin payment address is generated based on your public key. After each payment, an address should be generated anew, in order not to compromise the recipients’ privacy. Some Bitcoin wallets will register a Bitcoin address automatically after each transaction, others allow users to do it themselves.

The used Bitcoin addresses are not destroyed and remain attached to your wallet. If someone sends you Bitcoin to the old address, you will still receive them. However, this is a fallback feature and you should use fresh addresses whenever possible.

Bitcoin addresses are completely safe to share. Unlike the public keys or the private keys, they do not provide access to your account and only serve as targets for payments.

Our article Is it safe to share a Bitcoin address explains the addresses, keys and the blockchain as a whole in more detail.

How to find Bitcoin Address in Bonpay Wallet

If you are wondering “what is my bitcoin wallet address” — it’s listed in Your Account. To see it:

  1. Log in the Bonpay Wallet;
  2. Click Deposit in the left sidebar menu;
  3. Click With cryptocurrency.

You will see your Bitcoin deposit address. Copy it and send it to the payer in order to receive your money. Or use the QR-code to deposit the Bitcoin yourself.How to get a Bitcoin address at Bonpay Wallet

How to get a Bitcoin Address in Bonpay Wallet

Generating new Bitcoin addresses is very important. Reusing the addresses leads to privacy issues — and not only for you, but for other network members too. So, if you are not sure whether you are using a new Bitcoin address — generate another one just in case.

  1. Log in the Bonpay Wallet;
  2. Click Deposit in the left sidebar menu;
  3. Click With cryptocurrency;
  4. Click Generate new.How to get a Bitcoin address at Bonpay Wallet

To learn more about reusing the addresses and privacy issues related with that, check out Why my Bitcoin address changes in Bonpay FAQ.

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